Bugged Out About Your Pest Problem?

Call the professional exterminators at Life Pest Control of West Palm Beach, FL

Pests might be your worst nightmare. But Life Pest Control is every bedbug, termite and spider’s worst nightmare. If you have pests that have overstayed their welcome hanging out in your guest suite, call Life Pest Control. We offer fast and affordable pest and rodent control services for residential clients in the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

You’ll have a pest-free home with Life Pest Control

Don’t take on your pest problem by yourself. Relax and leave the pests to the experts at Life Pest Control. We’ll gladly take care of your pesky problem in the Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Broward areas. Our services include:
  • Exterminating bedbugs, termites, ants, mosquitos and spiders.
  • Trapping and removing rats and mice from your property.
  • Tearing out and replacing insulation that is infested with rodents or termites.

Other Services:

Lawn Services

- weed control

- fertilizer

- fungicide 

- insecticide


- whitefly treatment

- systemic treatment

- foliage spray

3 reasons to hire the professional exterminators at Life Pest Control

At Life Pest Control, we understand how nightmarish it can be having termites, bedbugs or mice running rampant on your property. To relieve you of your nightmare and to keep your home pest-free, we’ll:
  1. Provide quality pest and rodent control services at the lowest prices possible
  2. Use environmentally friendly pest control treatments to remove insects and rodents
  3. Provide follow-up treatments to make sure pests are gone for good

Call 561-502-5949 to schedule a consultation with Life Pest Control of West Palm Beach, FL. Ask about our senior citizen and veteran discounts!

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